The Greenfield Club - Out of School & Holiday Play Scheme
Testimonials from our children...

"I have made lots of friends who have been nice to me"
"I like basically everything we do!"
"I like doing sticking and playing with the dolls house"
"The funnest is going on the mound outside!"
"I like playing football in the playground and going on scooters. It's good exercise and a good way to spend time with my friends"

....and from our parents:

"The staff are caring and responsive"
"Staff are happy, helpful & knowledgeable"
"We feel you understand and look out for him as an individual"
"I see frequent coaching and leading of staff going on"
"They settled my youngest in really well"
"The Manager is flexible and extremely helpful"
"Booking is easy and reliable"

Reg. Charity No. 1087674
The Greenfield Club, The Greenfield Centre, Park Avenue, Winterbourne, South Gloucestershire, BS36 1NJ. Tel: 01454 777604

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