The Greenfield Club - Out of School & Holiday Play Scheme
Make A Booking
This page will help you to make both term time and Holiday Club bookings.

Holiday Club Bookings-
October Holiday Club Programmes (different formats) can be found on our 'Welcome' page.

New starters will need a Membership form (please see' Membership' webpage) and booking form with payment in order to book.
If you send ANY completed documents back by email please re-name them by adding your child's name-
If your computer does not display the document correctly please feel free to let Mrs Sian Pumford (Club Manager) know via the contact us page so that she can provide additional formats.
 The Holiday Club programmes containing an activity programme, booking form and a newsletter are available online.
As a general rule we try our best to promote 4-5 weeks in advance with the deadline for bookings and payments being two weeks before the Holiday Club starts.
St Michael's parents/carers- We collect St Michael's children from school as usual on Holiday Club days when Elm park children are off of school.
Term Time Bookings-

September, October and November 2017 Adhoc booking forms can be found in the Allocated Places pack at the bottom of this page.

An "Allocated place" (a guaranteed term time place) shall be confirmed after an allocated places form and standing order form is completed. The only exception to not paying by standing order is paying by childcare vouchers.
"Adhoc" bookings (as and when you need care) can be made by using an ad-hoc booking form. The Play Leader/Manager will check future registers to see if a space is available.
If you need regular care when your child starts fulltime School in October then please start your Allocated Place from then and use a September ad-hoc form for any irregular sessions (fitting in with the school sessions for the settling in period. 
Ad-hoc booking payments are due in advance. Once we receive a booking form with payment by the specified deadline, attendance levels are checked and if there is a space available your child's name is added to the registers. Ad-hoc bookings will be charged for if cancelled.
September, October and November 2016 adhoc booking forms can be found on the main 'Welcome' page. Please note that all of the school Inset days have not yet been confirmed.
We strongly recommend a term time Allocated place for your child as we can become fully booked very quickly. Allocated places are guaranteed whereas ad-hoc places depend on how busy we are on that particular session.
You must give us 4 weeks notice of any changes or cancellation of an allocated place. Payment is  still due even if your child is absent (due to being ill, on school camp or on holiday for example.)
You must re-apply for your child's allocated term time place (Sept - July) every year. Forms go online every May with a July deadline. . We always work on a first-come, first served basis.
To apply for an allocated term time place for your child please
complete a Membership form and the appropriate forms (depending on your type of booking/s and payment)
The pack also contains an Amendments & Cancellations form to be used for any future changes to your allocated place throughout the educational year.
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