The Greenfield Club - Out of School & Holiday Play Scheme
Breakfast & After School Club
Admissions & Opening Hours
Admissions apply to children from certain schools during term time for reasons of transporting/safe escorting.
Before School Club/Breakfast Club
(For children of Elm Park School) 
We open our doors at 7:45am, provide milk for cereals, play with and escort children to Elm Park school for the start of their school day.
After School Club
(For children who attend Elm Park and St Michael's School)
Staff collect Reception Class children from their classrooms and meet all other children in the Elm Park school hall/St Michael's foyer. 
All children are escorted back to the Club. Children are offered a variety of fruit/vegetable pieces and then a snack such as crumpet, mini-sandwiches or crackers/breadsticks to see them through until their tea times. Both adult led and child initiated play takes place. Chill-out time starts at 5:30pm and we close at 6pm.
Bank Holidays- We are closed.
Closing hours- We close at 6pm.
Late Fee- A £10 fine will be charged to parents who are late collecting their child/ren.
Reg. Charity No. 1087674
The Greenfield Club, The Greenfield Centre, Park Avenue, Winterbourne, South Gloucestershire, BS36 1NJ. Tel: 01454 777604
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